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With our ultramodern production facilities for oral and antiseptic liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals we offer flexibility and can fulfill any request. Batches of 1 liter up to 2.000 liter, or injectables of 5 ml or 500 ml oral liquids or anything in-between. Almost anything is possible!


We can produce aseptic products in several batch-sizes and fill injectables (5 - 500 ml), tubes (5 - 60 gram), intra mammary injectors (8 - 12 ml) and eye-drops.

Oral, ointments and drops

Products for oral use are produced and filled in several batch-sizes in bottles (5 - 500 ml), applicators (3 - 60 gram), tubes (5 - 60 gram) and ear ointments or drops.

Daily we simultaneously produce 9 different batches.

Long waiting periods to produce your products? Our production facilities let us produce up to 9 different batches per day. That guarantees maximum flexibility and we can plan your production as soon as possible.

primary product (terminal sterilisation unit)

If necessary, we can terminally sterilize primary packaged products in our sprinkling autoclave unit ( > 15 minuten at 121 degrees C), up to 100.000 bottles per run.


All primary packaging can be accompanied by any desired secondary packaging.
From labeling injectables to packing primary products into single boxes together with application syringes. Almost anything is possible!

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