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Renowned pharmaceutical companies from all over the world rely on Produlab Pharma for the production of their liquid and semi-solid veterinary pharmaceuticals.
Because they know we’ll deliver on our promise.

Quality Assurance ?
We guarantee your products meet the highest standards of quality. GMP proof.

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Produlab Pharma: determined to deliver, since 1991

Produlab Pharma is your independent CMO (contract manufacturing organization) and one stop shop for registered liquid and semi-solid veterinary pharmaceuticals. We can support you in all stages of development and registration all the way to production and delivery.

Due to our vast experience and extensive production facilities, you can trust us with any request. Above all, we strongly believe in keeping our promise. Our determined employees will do anything in their power to honor that commitment.

A new recipe? Translation to reproducible products is our expertise.

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From molecule to formula

You do not need to have a full formulation or recipe ready. We can help, even if there is just a molecule identified, Produlab Pharma can assist and support you in any stage of a part II development for filing of your dossier.

Patents and registrations

We gladly offer our knowledge, experience and facilities to process the registration of your dossier. This leads to a faster launch and earlier revenues. No matter how much we help, you always retain full ownership of developments. Patents and registrations are and always will remain your property.

Change the dosage?
We can handle many different forms of packaging. From 5 ml injection-flacons to 500 ml oral liquids. And everything in-between. 

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Ultramodern production facilities

By using several lines for producing and packaging of oral and aseptic liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals, we can provide maximum flexibility for any request. Whatever volume, dosage or printed materials (for primary or secondary packaging) you need, we offer complete fulfillment.

Thorough product analyses according to VICH guidelines? Consider it done.

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Quality assured

Our ultramodern production facilities meet the highest standards of quality. We produce and package according to GMP-guidelines. A European norm, used by our Quality Assurance department, that guarantees constant quality-checks of the production and packaging process, the quality of resources as well as semifinished and finished products.

All of our products are subject to testing according to GMP, GAMP and GDP guidelines. Our qualified laboratory staff, together with the Quality Assurance department, guarantee constant high quality.

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