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Renowned pharmaceutical companies from all over the world rely on Produlab Pharma for the production of their liquid and semi-solid veterinary pharmaceuticals. Why? Simple.
Because we know all about producing pharmaceuticals and we keep our promise.
That reputation has been built by more than 25 years of experience. How did it all start? A brief overview.

1991 marks the start of Produlab Pharma when Ruud van den Doel and his former business partner drove a Citroen C15, full of resources, to pharmaceutical producers.
After unloading they loaded the car with the products from the day before and transported them back to their office to pack and ship to clients. Pretty soon the workload increased so they decided to build their own production plant in Raamsdonksveer, on the same spot where Produlab Pharma is located today.
We started with a small office and warehouse. Continous growth of our business lead to the need to expand our facilities so we bought our neighboring premises until we ended up with the square meters we have today. 2018 marks a massive further expansion with a new production plant, bringing our facility total to more than 17.500 m2.
When we started we had 4 recipes to work with. Nowadays we work with more than 400 recipes, with which we can produce over 3.000 different products.
We fully realise that the succes of Produlab Pharma could not be achieved without our determined and skillful employees. Since 1991 we have not only expanded our square meters but most certainly our number of employees. In 2016 we employed more than 100 men and women and we are still looking for the best talent to help us expand into the future.
We have clients in Canada, New-Zealand, Australia, South-Africa and all 28 countries in the European Union. The liquid and semi-solid veterinary pharmaceuticals we produce are shipped worldwide to more than 90 different countries. As far as South-America, the Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia, Korea, The Philippines, Thailand and Iraq.
We can produce almost anything. Batches of 1 up to 600 liters.
Small or large batches, we can deliver almost any size. In our ultramodern production facilities we produce 5-7 batches daily, adding up to 2.500 - 3.000 liters of liquid and semi-solid veterinary pharmaceuticals.

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